5 reasons why you have to visit the Baku Boulevard

  31 March 2017    Read: 5033
5 reasons why you have to visit the Baku Boulevard
When visiting Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, there is one part you cannot miss: the boulevard! This place is located by the Caspian Sea. It starts at the Baku Crystal Hall and ends at Sea port, covering 6 kilometers. In this short guide we will describe the main reasons to go there. The boulevard is the heart of the city and it is a great plan to stay in one of the many, many hotels located near to it.

1. The Baku Eye.

The most interesting part begins near the ‘’Baku Eye’’, so this is also where our guide starts. To get here you can take a bus from the city center. You can take line 5 to Әl Oyunları Sarayı station. The price of all public transport in Baku is 20 qapik. The Baku Eye is 60m high ferris wheel that was built in 2014. You can ride the Baku Eye every day from 1pm till 1am. Entrance fee is 5 AZN for adults and 3 AZN for children. The ride will take around fifteen minutes and will give you spectacular views of the Baku city.

2. The Carpet Museum.

Afterwards you can walk to the next attraction, the Carpet Museum. This museum is known for its architecture: it looks like a folded carpet and is a true eye catcher. Carpets and the making process are featured inside. Carpets are an important part of Azerbaijani culture. Azerbaijani carpets are known for their intricate patterns and ornaments, high quality and great artistic value. The museum is the first museum in the world that is specialized in carpets and you can visit its exhibition from Tuesday to Friday between 10 AM and 8 PM. Entrance fee is 7 AZN, but if you are a student it will be only 3 AZN, so don’t forget your student card!

3. Highland Park / Flame Towers

If you are interested in beautiful panoramic views, it is highly recommended to take the funicular to the Highland Park. The funicular is located just opposite side of the carpet museum. It is open from 10 AM to 10 PM and is free of charge. The funicular will bring you close to the Flame Towers, the main symbol of Baku.

4. Park Bulvar Mall.

If you move further along the boulevard you will reach the main entertainment area. Here you can find many cafés, kiosks, a carousel and the Park Bulvar shopping mall. The clock tower, situated in the same part of the boulevard, is an ideal meeting point since it is visible from everywhere. The Park Bulvar Mall is one of the best places to go shopping in Baku, featuring many shops, as well as a 6 screen cinema theater, planetarium and a food court.

You can buy drinks and snacks at the supermarket in the basement of the mall and enjoy it outdoors while sitting next to the Caspian Sea, admiring the beauty of the Azerbaijan seaside. The best place to do so is on the terrace stairs between the shopping mall and the Yacht Club.

5. Mirvari sea trip

If you cannot get enough of the boulevard you can take the Mirvari (Pearl in Azeri) boat that leaves from the pier in front of the shopping mall and brings you to the Baku Crystal Hall. The boat ride takes about 15 to 20 minutes and will cost you between 2 and 3 AZN.

After visiting the boulevard you will know why it holds such a special place in the heart of Bakuvians and tourists alike, and you will find yourself coming back day after day.

How to get there:

From Icherisheher metro station: pass through the Philharmonia Park where you will get to see the walls of the Old City as well as beautiful fountains. After you exit the park use the underpass to cross the road.

From Sahil metro station: leave the main exit and walk towards the sea on Bulbul Avenue. Use the underpass to get to the boulevard.

Written by Zeyad Gamal Ali (Egypt), Dorota Sz (Poland), Frank Dercksenn (Netherlands), Maryam AlRadhwan (Kuwait)

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