Europe has no reason to prevent Turkey

  06 February 2015    Read: 563
Europe has no reason to prevent Turkey
The European Union has no serious reasons to obstruct Turkey
He said Turkey’s EU membership is vital to Europe.

Bozkir went on to note that various reforms have been carried out in a number of areas in the country, including in the field of human rights.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc earlier said that if previously 75 percent of Turkey’s population supported the country’s accession to the EU, currently, this figure has dropped to 20 percent.

Earlier, Bozkir said the negotiations between Turkey and EU can’t continue in the format required by the organization.

He said at the time that democracy in Turkey is at a higher level than in some European countries.

The official talks on Turkey’s accession to the EU resumed in 2005.

Turkey has fulfilled 65 percent of its commitments to the EU for accession to this organization.

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