Azerbaijan starts exporting “Yalguzag” sniper rifle

  11 May 2017    Read: 3769
Azerbaijan starts exporting “Yalguzag” sniper rifle
The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan starts exporting sniper rifles “Yalguzag” sniper rifle, Minister Yaver Jamalov told reporters.
Minister says, several foreign countries have ordered “Yalguzag” sniper rifles. At present, work is underway to fulfill the orders.

Jamalov said that the Border Troops of Azerbaijan have also been provided with ordered “Yalguzag” sniper rifles.

Jamalov noted, “Yalguzag” surpasses many other rifles in terms of its technical and tactical capabilities. “Yalguzag” rifle which fires the 7.62×51mm NATO round used by the Azerbaijani Land Forces, has been created by local experts.

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