Azerbaijan may see US as reliable partner

  04 June 2013    Read: 308
Azerbaijan may see US as reliable partner
United States President Barack Obama has congratulated Azerbaijan on holding the jubilee of the Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, assuring United States is a reliable partner.
"Mr. President, I convey best wishes to you and the people of Azerbaijan on occasion of holding 20th Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference in Baku," says the statement by President Obama that was read out at the exhibition by US ambassador to Baku Richard Morningstar.

International Exhibition and Conference Caspian Oil & Gas - 2013 opened in Baku Expo Centre today. Over the last 20 years, the success of the first specialized exhibition of Azerbaijan turned it to the major forum in this field.

The letter of the US President notes that a significant investment made to bring Azerbaijani oil and gas resources to international markets helped stabilize global energy supply, strengthened independence and contributed to economic development of Azerbaijan.

"Major energy projects that have made Azerbaijan an important supplier of oil to international markets and an important source of gas for the region are the result of strong ties between Azerbaijan and its international partners," the letter says.

Obama said next year implementation of the second phase of the Shah Deniz project and the planned Trans-Anatolia route (TANAP) will bring Azerbaijan closer to the position of major gas supplier to Europe.

"Revenues from the oil industry enable Azerbaijan to diversify its economy, strengthen the rule of law and improve living standards of Azerbaijani people," the letters of the American president says.

Obama also notes in his letter that the US expects many promising years of cooperation with Azerbaijan, and that Azerbaijan may see the United States as a committed partner.

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