What's the right diet for you? - iWonder

  30 June 2017    Read: 1584
What's the right diet for you? - iWonder
1.Before you start

Do you struggle with your weight and wonder which diet would give you the best results?

On What's The Right Diet For You? A Horizon Special, we profiled 75 people to understand why they had problems losing weight. Medical and nutritional experts tested their hormones, genes and attitudes towards food, categorising them into three groups: Constant Cravers, Feasters and Emotional Eaters. Our experts then gave each group a different diet to follow, using a scientific approach to weight loss.
This test will indicate whether you may be in one of the same groups. It is not a substitute for tests performed in the experiment but is a useful guide you can use at home.

2. Take the test

Answer the 12 simple questions about your eating habits to find your ideal dieting style.

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