Shootout at Iran’s capital city subway - UPDATED

  15 July 2017    Read: 1499
Shootout at Iran’s capital city subway - UPDATED

A shooting has occurred in a subway station in southern Tehran July 15, Iranian media outlets reported.

The head of the country's emergency department said the attacker was killed in a subway in Shahr-e-Sheikh, and two people were transferred to the hospital, reports citing Fars News Agency.

The emergency department of Iran announced that on the subway in Shahr-e-Sheikh, a cold-blooded man entered the subway and attacked a cleric stationed at the station. After this incident, another passenger who acts to defend the cleric is also attacked by the assassin

Two people were injured in the incident and transferred to the hospital for treatment, Colin said.

Police were involved in the incident and controlled the situation by firing several bullets, and the assailant who escaped was killed by a police shot.

The situation is now normal in Shahr-e-Sheikh Metro subway, police added.


The shootout happened at the Shahre Rey station after a man stabbed a cleric and some other people, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency.

Witnesses told that police opened fire, following which the attacker was arrested. No immediate report on possible casualties or injuries was available.

Police forces are now at the scene and security has been restored at the station, according to the media reports.

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