Incredible nature of Azerbaijan - VIDEO

  25 September 2017    Read: 2450
Incredible nature of Azerbaijan - VIDEO
The personal project started out as an idea - why not travel around Azerbaijan for a month and create a video showing how beautiful the country is. A major improvement to the idea came with a thought of using a drone for aerial footage and using camera angles no one used there before.
But the sheer size of the task was only realised during research of places to film: there were so many of them, each one presenting its own challenge, and just one month was simply not enough to cover them all.

So Iftikhar Shabanov decided to concentrate on fewer places and more footage. Well, the weather didn't agree with much he attempted over the month. Logistical issues didn't help either.

Still, 30 days, 3000+ km of driving (on and off-road), 100+ km of flying, 7+ hours of footage, 160+ hours editing - all resulted in this 4 minute video, showing highlights of just a few of the places he did manage to film in Azerbaijan.

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