Czech FM apologizes to Azerbaijan over Khojaly remarks

  11 June 2013    Read: 461
Czech FM apologizes to Azerbaijan over Khojaly remarks
Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has officially apologized to Azerbaijan over the Khojaly genocide remarks he made in his interview with Pravo newspaper.
He admitted that he called this tragedy "consciously planned murder" as he had wrong information about the issue.

Commenting on a meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart in Washington, he said: “We know each-other for a long time. I have apologized to him for what I have said. I made it clear that as I had wrong documents in my hand, in response to a journalist’s question about residents murdered in Khojaly, I said that the Czech Republic is against violation of human rights in any form, but such incidents take place during a war. I was representing the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Nagorno-Karabakh at a time of a war.

“I was flying on Yerevan-Baku-Stepanakert route. It was terrible. Therefore, as seen from the data, I said 60 people were killed there. But it was 600 people. This is totally different thing. There were less dead soldiers compared to the World War I and World War II and this harmed peaceful civilians especially if there is a civil war. I thought that 60 people were killed as a result of some shooting. This happens at a time of war. But 600 people is totally different. This was planned murder. I therefore apologized to him and he understood this. Everyone can get wrong figures. This was my mistake. I admit this,”

Schwarzenberg said Azerbaijani foreign minister accepted his apology.

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