Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia platform improve political environment

  03 November 2017    Read: 657
Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia platform improve political environment
Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia trilateral platform improve political and security environment in the region, Cyril Widdershoven, a Middle East geopolitical specialist, a partner at Dutch risk consultancy VEROCY and SVP MEA-Risk, told on Nov.3.
Aside from Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia platform, Azerbaijan is also the initiator of such formats as Azerbaijan-Iran-Turkey, Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey and etc.

“From Azerbaijan's view point, it is the right step to take, increasing its cooperation with countries in the region,” said the expert.

Azerbaijan is having a vast interest in oil and gas operations in the region, including its energy cooperation with Iran, said Widdershoven, adding that this can be increased or enhanced via this kind of set up.

This kind of cooperation also strengthens regional cooperation. “Maybe it also will open up new investment opportunities in the countries,” he said.

Overall, the expert believes that it is a very good approach, as cooperation and discussions between countries improve political and security environments.

“Azerbaijan is set up its own position as a possible mediator or bridge between countries. This role is based on its geographical and historical position, which is to be commended,” said Widdershoven.

Azerbaijani, Iranian and Russian presidents held a trilateral meeting Nov. 1 in Tehran.

Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, said in an interview with Trend that this meeting is first of all, a platform important for ensuring stability, security and promoting collaborative environment in the region, for further development of trade-economic ties, cooperation in energy and transport sectors between the countries, and solution of other pressing issues

The mutual respect and fruitful cooperation between the three countries is of great importance for solution of pressing issues of the whole region, and all participants are determined to continue the fruitful cooperation, Hasanov added.

“I should also note that initiative and leadership of the majority of bilateral and multilateral meetings, held in the region lately, belong to Azerbaijan. The initiative to hold a tripartite meeting of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia, to create partnership between them, as well as the initiative of joint projects that are being implemented or intended to be implemented also came from Azerbaijan, and they have already begun to yield positive results.”

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