Nagorno-Karabakh conflict issue raised at Geneva Peace Week

  10 November 2017    Read: 926
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict issue raised at Geneva Peace Week
The issue of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was raised at the Geneva Peace Week held at the UN office in Geneva on Nov.6-10, reported.
Talks held during the Geneva Peace Week are focused to support the peaceful initiatives aimed at conflicts resolution in different parts of the world.

President of the International Eurasia Press Fund Umud Mirzaev, Vice-President Ramil Azizov, Assistant to the President of the IEPF Anastasia Lavrina, Permanent Representative of the IEPF at the UN Office in Geneva Michael Montafi, President of the International Organization for Sustainable Energy (ISEO) Gustav Grob and the Secretary General of this organization Abdulreza Metghalchi participated in the negotiations.

The event "Preventing Conflicts Through Intercultural Dialogue - The Example of Azerbaijan" was organized within the Geneva Peace Week . The event was organized by The European Azerbaijan Society Foundation (TEAS), Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations.

Michael Montafi, addressing the event, said that he believes in the prospects of civil peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

"The peace platform is a good way to peace formation between the Azerbaijani and Armenian communities living together for many years," he said.

"Separatist challenges are contrary to international law and all international norms and rules," Grob said, further noting the role of civil society in conflict resolution and, above all, the importance of the liberation of the occupied territories for conflict resolution.

"Two parties are involved in global conflicts. On one hand, there are the occupiers, on the other hand, there are the victims of the occupation. Unfortunately, despite negotiations on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, there have been no serious decisions taken for over 20 years to resolve the conflict," Umud Mirzaev said.

Speaking at the meeting organized by the United Nations, the Vice-President of IFPE gave a speech on the role of impartial information in conflict resolution on "Capacity Building in Conflict Resolution: Adapted to Nonviolent Disagreements", Ramil Azizov urged UN agencies to support the peaceful platforms of civil society.

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