British Minister talks on UK-Azerbaijan ties

  24 November 2017    Read: 1904
British Minister talks on UK-Azerbaijan ties
The UK wholeheartedly supports the vital work of the Eastern Partnership and will continue to promote those shared objectives in our bilateral cooperation, UK Minister of State for Europe Sir Alan Duncan told prior to the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit, reports.
Sir Alan Duncan also touched on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor:"In Azerbaijan, this has taken the form of a sustained UK commitment led by BP to help develop a world-class offshore oil and gas industry in the Caspian Sea. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor are visible signs of the extraordinary cooperation between the UK and Azerbaijan over the last 25 years. Indeed it is these infrastructure investments that have enabled Azerbaijan to prosper as a truly independent and sovereign nation for the first time in its history".

"Our ties have grown at an astonishing rate in the fields of culture and education too. Growing numbers of young people in Azerbaijan want to study English, obtain a degree from a British University or work for one of the 450 British companies doing business in Azerbaijan. I am confident that people to people links can only deepen as our co-operation expands in the fields of art, literature, music, higher education, and sport", Duncan noted.

In addition, he stressed the importance of setting ambitious goals for the future:" We want to help Azerbaijan take its place as a modern, confident, prosperous, tolerant and democratic country. That’s why we see closer relations for Azerbaijan with the European Union as an important step to deliver beneficial reforms for the people of Azerbaijan".

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