EaP Summit welcomes progress in talks on EU-Azerbaijan new agreement

  24 November 2017    Read: 1394
EaP Summit welcomes progress in talks on EU-Azerbaijan new agreement
The Eastern Partnership Summit participants welcomed good progress in the ongoing negotiations between the European Union and Azerbaijan for a new framework agreement.
This is reflected in the joint declaration adopted following the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels Nov. 24.

The Summit participants also expressed support for a swift completion of negotiations of Common Aviation Area Agreement with Azerbaijan.

"The participants share the view that better and safer transport links provide new opportunities for development and enable closer communication and exchanges between the European Union and the partner countries and among the partners themselves," the declaration reads.

They also welcomed active cooperation of the partner countries in establishing of the European Energy Union, recognizing the importance of secure, sustainable, reliable and affordable energy for all.

The EU highlighted the need to act in the spirit of solidarity and inclusiveness to this end.

The participants further called for boosting the economic cooperation with the partner countries.

"Trade between the EU and partner countries, as well as among partner countries, will be supported, including through implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas for the three partners concerned Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine," the declaration stresses.

The EU will continue to jointly discuss with each of the partner countries, including Azerbaijan, attractive and realistic options to strengthen mutual trade and encourage investment to reflect common interests, the reformed investment policy as regards investment protection. The discussions will also center on international trade rules and trade-related international standards, including in the area of intellectual property, and contribute to the modernization and diversification of economies.

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