Air Force of Azerbaijan conducts tactical exercises

  24 November 2017    Read: 1131
Air Force of Azerbaijan conducts tactical exercises
In accordance with the Armed Forces preparation plan, exercises were conducted with formations and military units of the Air Force, reports citing Defense Ministry.
In the course of the tactical exercises, the military units have been brought to the state of full combat readimess at the set time. Having maneuvered, the headquarters and units took new positions. The headquarters and units carried out work on the planning and preparation of combat activities.

The skills of combat crew and the capabilities of military equipment were inspected by means of the simulation of the flights of combat aircrafts and the conduct of combat actions against aerial targets. In the conditions of mountain relief and complex electronic warfare environment, the units have timely detected high-speed air targets and destroyed them with an accurate fire strike.

After the completion of the exercises, the Air Force units have returned to the permanent location.

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