Azerbaijan, Lithuania strengthen bilateral cooperation

  05 December 2017    Read: 874
Azerbaijan, Lithuania strengthen bilateral cooperation

The cooperation level between businessmen of Azerbaijan and Lithuania has increased over the last 6 years, said Azerbaijani ambassador to Lithuania Hasan Mammadzadeh in an interview with the Lithuanian newspaper Lietuvos žinios.

The ambassador noted that along with other list of products, Azeri wine appeared on the shelves of Lithuanian shops.

"The number of Azerbaijani students in Lithuania has also significantly increased. When I first arrived to Lithuania nearly20-30 of my compatriots studied here. During the last 4 years the number of Azerbaijani students in Lithuania was on average 200 people a year. Totally 1000 Azerbaijani students graduated from higher educational institutions of Lithuania in 6 years," Mammadzadeh said.

Among the actively developing sectors between countries, the ambassador also stressed tourism.

"More and more Azerbaijani tourists fly to Lithuania, especially in Druskininkai and Birštonas. In turn, citizens of Lithuania often go to international events in Azerbaijan. "

Among other facts, Mammadzade also noted that the Azerbaijani embassy sought to contribute to the strengthening of the relations between the two countries as much as possible.

"We held many cultural events, marking many important historical anniversaries of Lithuania and Azerbaijan," the ambassador said.

In conclusion, the Ambassador noted the importance of the fact that Lithuanians who visited Azerbaijan always warmly remember the country, talking about the hospitality, beauty and pleasant climate of the Azerbaijan. This, according to the ambassador, was also influenced in turn by international events, such as Eurovision, held in Azerbaijan, as well as demonstration of the country's beauty on such well-known channels as CNN and Euronews.

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