"Armenian genocide", insidious plan which needs exposing

  12 March 2015    Read: 1142
"Armenian genocide", insidious plan which needs exposing
As the centennial of the so-called "Armenian genocide" is imminent, the Armenian authorities and diaspora have rolled up their sleeves to solemnly commemorate the victims of this unproven myth.

As Armenia works to twist 1915 events and sell its "genocide" to the world, hoping every year to rewrite history to fits its delusions, more voices from across the globe have argued that Armenia did not indeed suffer a "genocide" and that, in fact, it faced no tougher time than other nations in the region.

Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office, Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazadeh noted that Armenians` claims that their ancestors endured a "genocide" are, in fact, part of an insidious plan which needs exposing.

In a meeting with Senior Advisor to Turkish President, Bekir Karliga, Pashazadeh noted that at such a time when conflicts are raging across the Muslim world, Turkey will remain a strong ally of Azerbaijan.

"Turkey was next to Azerbaijan in its hardest ever days, during the early periods of our independence and during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. We are one nation, two states, and we will absolutely keep on holding tight relations," he noted.

Pashazadeh added that nothing can harm the strong feelings of brotherhood uniting Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Back in 1992, following a violent and bloody conflict, Armenia occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

Armenia has yet to withdraw its armed forces. For over two decades Armenia has refused the international community, thus violating every law and UNSC resolution.

The Armenian authorities and diaspora claim that the predecessor of modern Turkey - the Ottoman Empire - carried out a "genocide" against Armenians in 1915 in Anatolia. They annually raise their voice, calling for the recognition of the unreal events of 1915, inviting the international community to unanimously blame Turkey for the actions of its predecessor.

But since Armenia has been unable to command any factual proofs to support its claims, its calls for "recognition" have fallen into deaf ears.

Karliga, for his turn, said Turkey has always viewed Azerbaijan`s grief as its own.
He believes that Islam is the religion of culture, life and beauty, and that the rise of radicalism the world has witnessed has nothing to do with Islam.

"We are looking at developments in the Islamic world with grave concerns. It is necessary for all to act together," Karliga said.
Karliga also announced that Baku will host the meeting of the Intercultural Alliance, established on the initiatives of Turkey and Spain. Representatives of 127 countries and 20 international organizations will take part the meeting.

Turkey is ambiguously denying Armenia`s claims that the Ottoman Empire systematically executed Armenians back in 1915.

Top Turkish leaders have maintained that the events of 1915 were a difficult time not only for Armenians, but also for Arabs, Kurds and other ethnic minorities in the region.

Earlier last month, Turkish Parliamentary Speaker, Cemil Cicek dismissed Armenia`s "genocide" claims as baseless, saying that no any action against Armenians in the history of Turkey can qualify as "genocide". As for Cicek, Armenia is trying to turn its 1915 propaganda into a source of income, exploiting its so-called "genocide" to further its political and financial standing amid the international community.

Furthermore, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu highlighted Armenia`s groundless 1915 "genocide" propaganda as a hindrance to the normalization of relations between Ankara and Yerevan.

A well-known Turkish journalist and politician, Hasan Celal Guzel claims that the alleged "Armenian genocide" is a mere falsification of historical events, as the relocation of Armenians in Anatolia cannot be interpreted as genocide or massacre under any circumstances

The Armenian authorities have always hanged on the hope that world leaders would support their allegations. But before a lack of historical evidences, such claims have been rejected en masse.

Earlier this year, French Ambassador to the U.S., Gerard Araud said in his interview with MSNBC News, a U.S.-based television channel that the holocaust was a fact, but the "Armenian genocide" was just a historical opinion.

Apparently, the "genocide" jamboree of Armenians will be a deadpan this year as well. First of all, no facts on "genocide" have yet been presented to the international community, as the Armenian authorities have once more avoided to delve into the history and extract at least one real fact about the "genocide."

Moreover, the world is now thinking of a plan B to escape the catastrophe that may likely happen following the non-stop decline in oil prices on the global markets. In other words, the world is more interested in finding a solution to its global financial crisis than becoming Armenia` shoulder to cry on.

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