I must fulfil my duties till the end - Armenian president

  15 December 2017    Read: 1212
I must fulfil my duties till the end - Armenian president
All posts will be occupied at the right time, Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan told in his interview to the Armenian channel while commenting on the government formation in April next year, AzVision.az reports citing the Armenian media.
"The constitutions has defined the contours of the government. If we talk about specific positions, naturally, my colleagues and I are in constant search. Candidates will occupy the posts at the right time. It is too normal that someones talks about the appointment of someone to this or another position. People have right to wait for something to happen. However, the government does not tell anything about the appointments in advance. It is not right to take about government positions", Sargsyan highlighted.

The president commented on the journalist's remark " You do not resemble a person who is going to retire":“In any case, the right way is the following: you have to fulfill the duties that you voluntarily take until the last moment. I must be ready to fulfill my duties till the end. Then we'll see what happens.”

“We’ll see” , he answered to the question whether he will remain in politics.

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