Healthy living makes us more inclined to binge, research finds

  16 December 2017    Read: 1274
Healthy living makes us more inclined to binge, research finds
Thanks to the rising popularity of restricted diets in the UK, “free from” foods have never been more in demand, reports citing the Independent.
Gluten-free breads, dairy-free milks and other plant-based products have been some of the most favoured foods in British supermarkets this year.

However, while we’re busy filling our shopping trolleys with gluten-free goodness, we’re also jamming it with junk food and alcohol, new research suggests.

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Market research company Nielsen has released their annual grocery spending survey and has revealed that shoppers are responding to rising food prices by spending less money on booze-fuelled nights out.

Instead, consumers are favouring “big nights in” where they indulge in pricier options available at supermarkets, reports The Times.

“Shoppers still want to treat themselves with good quality and healthier food but also indulging and enjoying oneself by drinking and dining more at home,” Ian Mansley, global client business partner at Nielsen, said.

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The research found that sales of “free from” products had risen by 18.7 per cent in 2017 while fresh fruit sales jumped by 3.8 per cent.

Meanwhile, Brits spent 10.7 per cent more on sparkling wine while sales of bagged snacks and ice lollies also rose by 2.4 per cent and 6.9 per cent, respectively.

However, if there’s one food to represent the rise of the healthy eating movement, it is the humble avocado.

With sales rising by 16 per cent, it’s clear that the nation’s #avotoast obsession won’t be dying down anytime soon - nor will our penchant for prosecco.

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