Azerbaijan to increase socially oriented expenditures in 2018

  28 December 2017    Read: 1056
Azerbaijan to increase socially oriented expenditures in 2018
Azerbaijan's budget is traditionally socially oriented, said Samir Sharifov, the country’s Finance Minister in an interview with state TV channel AzTV.
"Azerbaijan is a developing state and has achieved many tasks over the past 10-15 years. If we analyze our investment costs, we will see that they were quite high. In this case, as a rule, the most part is the expenditure of social orientation. The head of state pays much attention to this", he said.

According to Sharifov, the volume of social spending in the budget for 2018 is 7.7 billion manat. "And this is more than about 650 million manat compared to the current year, which is an indicator that additional funds will be allocated to social spending next year. Social spending is primarily wages, social security issues, pensions, and their share in the budget is traditionally high enough, only the expenses of the wage fund are 4.2 billion", the minister said.

Finance Minister noted that the country's spending on education is very weighty. "Next year they will amount to 2 billion manat, which is 211 million more compared to the current year", he added.

Samir Sharifov also said that in the state budget for 2018, funds are provided for the construction of social apartments. "It is planned to allocate 250 million manat in this direction next year," he said.

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