Almost half of Azerbaijan’s standards meet European standards

  12 January 2018    Read: 998
Almost half of Azerbaijan’s standards meet European standards
Some 45 percent of Azerbaijan’s national standards meet international and European standards, the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent said in a message Jan. 12.
There are more than 20,000 interstate and 966 national standards in the state fund of regulatory documents on technical regulations and standardization of Azerbaijan, the message said.

Ninety-four of them are related to the petrochemical sector, 322 - to the conformity assessment, 148 - to the industrial sector, 22 - to the service sector, 249 - to the agriculture and food sector, and 107 standards are related to the construction sector.

Last year, 145 types of measuring tools were approved, a certificate of their approval was issued, and the measuring tools were included in the state registry.

Metrological examination of documents for 23 samples of standards was also carried out, and after that, the committee issued a positive conclusion and included them in the registry.

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