Azerbaijan - one of highly respected members of Davos World Economic Forum

  28 January 2018    Read: 1967
Azerbaijan - one of highly respected members of Davos World Economic Forum
Azerbaijan has become one of the highly respected members of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Azerbaijani MP Aydin Mirzazade told reporters.

"As before, the meetings held between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the heads of big companies this year help them invest in the Azerbaijani economy, discuss the issues on making investments in important projects in Azerbaijan, as well as gain access to new technologies and solve other important issues,” he said. “The meetings held within the forum with the heads of the countries which are friendly to Azerbaijan help strengthen bilateral relations."

“The World Economic Forum is one of the most important annual world events for many years,” Mirzazade said. “The meetings of heads of state and government, businessmen, experts in certain fields help find the best option for solving existing problems in the world.”

He emphasized that the participation of President Aliyev in the interactive session entitled "Strategic Outlook: Eurasia" within the forum and the answers to the questions asked there testified to the world’s huge attention paid to Azerbaijan.

Mirzazade added that participation in the World Economic Forum is a very significant event for Azerbaijan and the world.

"I think that Azerbaijan’s further participation in many events, such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, contributes to the establishment of good relations,” he said. “It is also contributing to the solution of the problems facing Azerbaijan and the world."

President Aliyev arrived in Switzerland on a working visit to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos Jan. 22.

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