Nearly 2.7 million tourists visit Azerbaijan in 2017

  29 January 2018    Read: 1702
Nearly 2.7 million tourists visit Azerbaijan in 2017
In 2017, 2,696,700 tourists travelled to Azerbaijan, up 19.9% from same period of 2016, reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Of these tourists, 3.7% came from Russia, 20% from Georgia, 13.5% from Iran, 11.2% from Turkey, 3.8% from UAE, 2.3% from Iraq, 2.1% from Ukraine, 15.3% from other countries.

In comparison to a year earlier, number of tourists from Kuwait increased by 9.7-fold, from Oman – by 7.4-fold, from Saudi Arabia – by 4.5-fold, from Bahrain – by 3.6-fold, from UAE – by 2.4-fold, from Qatar – by 2.4-fold, from Iran – by 1.5-fold. Totally, number of tourists from the Gulf countries increased by 65.2% to 614,700 people.

Number of tourists from EU countries soared 17.4% to 105,400, from CIScountries by 14.3% to 1,006,500 people.

Number of Azerbaijani citizens travelling to foreign countries dropped 4% to 4,108,900. 

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