Transparent election is best measure against biased positions - CEC Chairman

  15 February 2018    Read: 1264
Transparent election is best measure against biased positions - CEC Chairman
Transparent election is the best measure against those who have a biased view towards it, Chairman of the Central Election Committee (CEC) of Azerbaijan Mazahir Panahov said addressing a seminar held for heads of regional election committees.

Next presidential election in Azerbaijan is to be held on April 11, 2018, according to an order signed Feb. 5 by the country's President Ilham Aliyev. According to the Calendar Plan of Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC), pre-election campaigning starts 23 days prior to the voting day and is stopped 24 hours before the start of voting. Thus, the campaigning will start on March 19 and end at 08:00 (local time) on April 10.

Panahov noted, that election is an indicator of democratic advancement of the Azerbaijan.

"We must try to make the election highly assessed outside of Azerbaijan as well. Of course, there are always some biased positions. We have to deal with them, and transparent election is a best measure here. Azerbaijan is among the respected countries of the world thank to the good conditions created. Azerbaijan is even ahead of many countries in this regard and must try to make those who don't like us accept that," Panahov added.

Representatives of many different organizations and countries will observe the upcoming election, what is especially important for its assessment, he stressed.

"We mustn't consider our civil duties to be less important than job duties. I believe we will be able to manage that. Azerbaijani people will make a right decision to make April 11 a happy date," he concluded.


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