Sumgait events received no objective legal assessment, Azerbaijan says

  22 February 2018    Read: 2249
Sumgait events received no objective legal assessment, Azerbaijan says
An investigative group made up of experts of the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service continue conducting throughout investigations in order to identify and prosecute all the masterminds behind the Sumgayit events as well as expose their backers, said Eldar Sultanov, spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office.

He made the remarks Thursday at a press conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Sumgayit events. 

Sultanov noted that in order to provide an objective legal assessment of the Sumgayit events and disclose the true essence of this crime, proceedings for 5 suspended criminal cases were merged into one upon the decision dated 19 March 2010 of Azerbaijan’s Prosecutor General. The task of continuing the investigation was assigned to a group of investigators of the Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the then-existing Ministry of National Security.

"In order to ensure a thorough, comprehensive and objective investigation, relevant inquiries were sent to Azerbaijan’s relevant state bodies, as well as to the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and other foreign countries, numerous testimonies of the Sumgayit events witnesses and of other people involved, including a investigative group of the USSR prosecutor's office were provided, archive documents were revealed, information given to the press was analyzed and other necessary investigative measures were taken,” he said.

As a result of immediate investigative measures carried out by the investigative group, the real essence of the events was revealed and it became clear that the Armenian separatist forces committed the riot in accordance with a scenario masterminded by pro-Armenian forces represented in the Soviet leadership, the spokesman stressed.

“As an obvious proof of my words, at the presentation in Moscow on March 31, 2016of the book titled "From the first sources about the Sumgayit events" by journalist Saadat Gadirova, Vladimir Kalinichenko, who was a member of the preliminary investigative group of the USSR Prosecutor's Office, and others addressed the event and said that the Sumgayit events had been organized by the USSR State Security Committee under the order of the USSR leadership that served the Armenian lobby, and therefore, the organizers of these events were not brought to justice,” he added.  

Study has shown that the criminal cases relating to the Sumgayit events were not thoroughly and objectively investigated by the group of the USSR General Prosecutor's Office and thus the truth about the events did not prevail. It became clear that not all the perpetrators of the crime had been identified, no action had been taken to prosecute them, and the motives and circumstance had not been investigated at all, Spokesman for the Prosecutor General's Office Eldar Sultanov said.

Sultanov noted that the investigative group of the USSR General Prosecutor's Office consisting of 231 investigators from different republics of the country involved in connection with the events, collected large amounts of material, and many people were prosecuted. However, the assumptions that the victims of the events were allegedly Armenians and the guilty ones were Azerbaijanis, made at the beginning of the investigation, led to one-sided and biased investigation and servicing a certain political order.

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