ASAN Radio expands broadcasting coverage in Azerbaijan

  01 March 2018    Read: 1964
ASAN Radio expands broadcasting coverage in Azerbaijan

The broadcasting coverage of "ASAN FM" radio station will be expanded to Guba and Dashkasan regions of Azerbaijan, a source in the country's telecommunications market told Trend.


The infrastructure of the production association "Teleradio" is used for broadcasting of "ASAN FM".

The production association "Teleradio" will purchase an FM transmitter and an antenna-feeder system with a view to expand the coverage of radio broadcasting in these regions. Vigintos Elektronika is the supplier of equipment, the contract worth $12,000 on which was signed on Feb.7.

Presently, the radio station of "ASAN" service broadcasts on the frequency of 100 megahertz in Baku and the Absheron peninsula, on the frequency of 92.7 megahertz - in the Central Aran region, in Lankaran, Masalli and Lerik regions and in the Ganja region - 96.5 megahertz.

A license for a period of six years was issued in 2015 for the organization of republican broadcasting of the "ASAN FM".

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