Family members of Azerbaijani hostages concern over their fate

  07 March 2018    Read: 1949
Family members of Azerbaijani hostages concern over their fate

Azerbaijani ciitizens Dilgam Asgerov and Shahbaz Guliyev, who were taken hostage by the Armenian Armed Forces in Kalbajar region, have not sent a letter to their family for a long time, Dilgam Asgerov’s son Kurdoglu Asgerov told

We received the latest letter on November 2017. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has held meeting with the hostages saying that they feel good. However, we have not received a letter from them. ICRC officials claim that the hostages don't want to write a letter, so they can't urge them. I think, after the death of my grandfather he became desperate. He died in March 2017. Since then my father has sent only two letters", he said. 

Shahbaz Guliyev's brother Ilham Guliyev also expressed his concerns: "We have no information about him. We sent a letter a month ago, but  ICRC does not say anything. Shahbaz has not sent a letter for more than two months", he said. 

On July of 2014, Russian citizen Dilgam Asgarov and Azerbaijani citizen Shahbaz Guliyev were taken a hostage and another Azerbaijani citizen Hasan Hasanov was shot to death by the Armenian servicemen while trying to visit their homeland in Kalbajar

Hasan Hasanov’s body was taken from the enemy and buried in Baku. On December 19, 2014, the “court” of the separatist regime in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh sentenced Dilgam Asgarov to life in prison, Shahbaz Guliyev to 22 years in prison.

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