Customs revenues of Azerbaijani budget increase

  07 March 2018    Read: 851
Customs revenues of Azerbaijani budget increase

Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee transferred 445.75 million manats to the state budget in January-February 2018, which is 20.8 percent more than in January-February 2017, reads the Committee’s report issued on March 7.

Revenues from customs duties amounted to 219.66 million manats, revenues from value added tax (VAT) – 151.69 million manats, revenues from excise duty – 6.39 million manats, and revenues from highway-use tax - 2.6 million manats in February 2018.

Revenues from the customs duties increased by 16.8 percent, revenues from VAT - by 11 percent, revenues from the excise tax - by 19.2 percent and revenues from the highway-use tax - by 8.3 percent in February 2018 as compared to February 2017.

The forecast on customs revenues of Azerbaijan’s state budget was 2.43 billion manats for 2018.

(1.7 manats = $1 on March 7)

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