SOCAR, BP launch new project at Baku Higher Oil School

  09 March 2018    Read: 1144
SOCAR, BP launch new project at Baku Higher Oil School

Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR and BP have launched the “Business education for engineers” project at the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).

This program is provided for fifth-year students of BHOS. As part of the program, students who have received engineering knowledge and high-level skills will also be able to expand their skills in business and management.

The curriculum of the course will consist of: communication and presentation skills, project management, effective time management, leadership, risk management, financial framework and budget and expenditure control, as well as human resource management and negotiation skills.

The project will cover a period of 11 months (from February to December 2018).

The project’s cost is $180,000.

In 2017, BP spent $2 million on sponsorship of social projects in Azerbaijan, and $2.4 million together with its partners on projects in the country.

SOCAR allocated 148 million Azerbaijani manats for social projects in 2016.


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