George Tsereteli: Economic cooperation among OSCE priorities

  13 March 2018    Read: 1301
George Tsereteli: Economic cooperation among OSCE priorities

An international conference of theOSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) Silk Road Support Group on the role of MPs in strengthening economic cooperation and cultural ties along the Silk Road is underway in Baku.  

Addressing the opening ceremony of the conference, President of the OSCE PA George Tsereteli said that after the Silk Road initiative, many OSCEmember states supported this idea and decided to join the project.

Tsereteli noted that economic cooperation is among OSCE's priorities.

"The OSCE and its Parliamentary Assembly are actively engaged in dealing problems, including fighting terrorism and conflict. However, economic cooperation is also very important. The Silk Road is a trade way along which populations live key cities are situated. These cities are important for our peoples. We should prevent the closure of borders. This is huge importance on a regional scale,” he said.

Underlining the importance of modernizing the transport infrastructure, Tsereteli said the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is a good example of it.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro and head of the country's delegation to the OSCE PA Ivan Brajović said that no country today can live in isolation from the world.

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