SOCAR commissions over 1,200 wells in 15 years

  06 April 2018    Read: 1297
SOCAR commissions over 1,200 wells in 15 years

Azerbaijan's state oil company SOCAR has commissioned 1,222 new wells over the past 15 years, SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev said in an interview to the website of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party. 

He said that the main task of Azerbaijani oil industry in recent years has been to maintain a stable level of production with a view to supply the processing industry with raw materials.

"It is known that Azerbaijan's oil industry has an ancient history, that's why Azerbaijani oil industry's workers as pioneers of oil production all over the world have rich experience. However, many fields, which are on the balance of SOCAR have already depleted, since they have been exploited for many years, which, in turn, leads to a natural decline in production. However, due to the great experience and competence of the Azerbaijani oil industry, we managed to maintain a stable production of oil in old fields and even recorded the highest level of production in the last few years in many of them, " said Abdullayev.

He noted that this is primarily linked with the expansion of drilling operations.

"Over the past 15 years, more than 2 million meters of drilling operations have been completed and 1,222 new wells have been commissioned. This trend will continue in the future," Abdullayev said.

In 2017, SOCAR drilled 115,200 meters and completely fulfilled the set plan.


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