CEC: No obstacle for transparent presidential election in Azerbaijan

  10 April 2018    Read: 1126
CEC: No obstacle for transparent presidential election in Azerbaijan

Transparency is the most important factor in elections, Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Azerbaijan Mazahir Panahov said at a press conference on April 10.

He noted that the CEC has created favorable conditions at polling stations to monitor the April 11 electoral process.

“All electoral districts and polling stations are located in buildings with modern and good conditions. We tried to create such conditions so that there are no obstacles for observers to perform their functions," he said.

Panahov noted that work was carried out with the structures responsible to hold the election.

“For example, people in penitentiaries will also vote. To this end, an event was held together with the Penitentiary Service of the Justice Ministry, and activities were carried out jointly with the Healthcare Ministry and other structures. Security is one of the important issues on the election day; the police are responsible for ensuring security,” Panahov said.

He went on to say that seminars were organized for members of the lower-level election commissions and IT specialists, memos were prepared and handed out to observers and media representatives.

Necessary steps were taken so that disabled people could vote, Panahov said.

“I think there are no obstacles for holding a transparent presidential election in Azerbaijan,” the CEC chairman said.

Panahov further noted the interest of foreign media in the election, saying 118 representatives of 51 foreign media will watch the presidential election.

The pre-election campaigns for the April 11 presidential election ended in Azerbaijan and a "day of silence" was announced on April 10.

Eight candidates were registered for the presidential election.

On the voting day, 5,426 permanent polling stations and 215 temporary polling stations in 125 constituencies will operate in the country.

The election will be observed by 871 international observers and 57,373 local observers.

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