Voter turnout in Azerbaijan's presidential election was high even at remote polling stations: BMAM

  11 April 2018    Read: 1021
Voter turnout in Azerbaijan

Presidential election in Azerbaijan was held in accordance with the country’s legislation and international norms, the Center for the Study of International Relations (BMAM) said in a statement April 11. 

“BMAM’s observation mission visited more than 50 constituencies and almost 200 polling stations,” the statement said. “In accordance with the requirements of the Electoral Code, the polling stations where the observations were conducted started to receive voters at 08:00 (GMT +4), and the voting ended at 19:00. The observation mission actively followed the counting of votes and didn’t find any violations.”

High voter turnout was observed at the election, according to the statement. High voter turnout was observed even at the most remote polling stations.

BMAM emphasized that exit-polls were carried out at the majority of polling stations.

“Local and international observers freely carried out their activities; during the day they were able to actively observe the presidential election,” the statement said. “Sufficient number of independent observers was also recorded.”

The BMAM noted that there were no violations during the voting at the presidential election.

“The election was organized in accordance with international norms, the Electoral Code and at a high level,” the statement said. “Intensive observations showed that the election is the next step in the creation of a democratic society.”

Azerbaijan held a presidential election today, on April 11. Eight candidates were registered for the election.

A total of 5,314,365 people in Azerbaijan have the right to vote, 50.78 percent of which are women and 49.22 percent are men.

On the voting day, 5,426 permanent polling stations and 215 temporary polling stations in 125 constituencies operated in the country.

Web cameras were installed in 1,000 polling stations in 119 electoral districts. During the day, the voting process could be observed online from the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The election was observed by 894 international observers (61 organizations, 59 countries) and 58,175 local observers.

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