Azeraeronavigation introduces modern innovative air navigation system

  11 May 2018    Read: 987
Azeraeronavigation introduces modern innovative air navigation system

Azeraeronavigation Air Traffic Control Department (AZANS) under CJSC Azerbaijan Airlines introduced an integrated aeronautical information management system - AIM.

AIM is the first introduced in the space of post-Soviet Azerbaijan. This new system reflects the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept in accordance with the global concept of air traffic management and is part of the ICAO roadmap. SWIM supports the exchange of aviation, airport, flight, meteorological information, as well as information on the flow of aircraft and airspace capacity. This approach allows to ensure end-to-end information exchange between all providers and users of information while organizing air traffic.

"Modern civil aviation is impossible without timely provided reliable, accurate aeronautical information. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s support allowed Azerbaijan Airlines to introduce this advanced technologies that enable organizing a continuous flow of aeronautical information from originators to end users in digital form. This, in turn, will improve the quality of the services provided, accelerate the process of handling and provision of information important for ensuring the safety and efficiency of flights," Farkhan Guliyev, Director of the Azeraeronavigation Air Traffic Control Department, said.

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