Entrepreneurs to directly appeal to the head of Migration Service

  18 May 2018    Read: 2739
Entrepreneurs to directly appeal to the head of Migration Service

Today the chairman of the State Migration Service Vusal Huseynov has held a meeting with the local and foreign entrepreneurs working in Azerbaijan, AzVision.az reports.

The sides focused on the work permissions given by the State Migration Services, delivery of necessary information to the employers regarding labour migration quota, challenges of meeting requirements of foreign workers, issues that worry entrepreneurs and other productive themes at the meeting.  

Vusal Huseynov touched on the legislative rules and conditions in regard to the involving of foreign workers to the labour. In addition, Huseynov highlighted duties of the State Migration Service defined by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the successful implementation of the State Programmes and the development of entrepreneurship in the country.

The state support for the private sector and entrepreneurship has been strengthened and the favourable business and investment climate is formed in the country. Under these circumstances, the State Migration Service will further expand cooperation with entrepreneurs in line with the requirements of the state legislature.

A hotline was established to improve the process of issuing work permits, to increase transparency and to provide an operative review of entrepreneurs' applications. V.Huseynov stated that if an employer has any problem with the State Migration Service or issuance of work permits, he / she may immediately contact the Head of the Service directly through that hotline.

The head of Migration Service said, issues related to the issuance of the work permits and the residence of foreigners engaging in entrepreneurial activity in the country were simplified in terms of legislation.

Moreover, e-bulletins will be prepared and sent to entrepreneurs electronically on a regular basis to inform entrepreneurs about innovations and changes in legislation applied by the service related to the issuance of work permits.

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