Armenians kicked out of Azerbaijani land -CARTOON

  09 June 2018    Read: 4758
Armenians kicked out of Azerbaijani land -CARTOON

The Azerbaijani Army took the control of the Gunnut village of Sharur region, which was occupied by the Armenian Armed Forces in 1992. 

In addition, our army liberated the Hunut mountain and Agbulag height as well as "Gizilgaya" and "Mehridag" mountains and the village of Arpa (Armenians have changed their name to "Areni") of Daralayaz.

Currently, approximately 11,000 hectares of land is under control and more than 8,000 of it issuitable for agriculture.

The Gizilqaya height, which is 1683 meters above sea level, is strategically important for controlling Irevan-Yekhegndzor-Gorus-Lachin-Khankandi highway.

This is the greatest victory of our army following the April fights. Our victories prove that we are close to liberate all our lands from Armenian occupation.

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