SCO states rule out alternatives to Syrian crisis' solution - summit Declaration

  10 June 2018    Read: 1364
SCO states rule out alternatives to Syrian crisis

The member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) confirmed in their joint declaration on the outcome of the Qingdao summit the absence of alternatives to a political process to settle the Syrian crisis, and called on all the parties to the conflict to take steps to implement the agreement on the de-escalation zones in the country.

The Qingdao Declaration stressed that the Syrian crisis might be resolved only through an inclusive political process led by the Syrians themselves, which should be conducted in compliance with the UN Security Council's resolutions and with respect for Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The SCO member states have also expressed in the Qingdao Declaration their support for the peace talks in Geneva and called on the parties to the conflict to take concrete steps to implement the memorandum on the creation of de-escalation zones in Syria in order to create an enabling environment for the political settlement in the country.

The SCO countries have reiterated the inadmissibility of the use of chemical weapons in Syria and their support for an impartial and credible investigation into the chemical attacks in the country.

Compliance With JCPOA for Global Stability

The leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states called on the sides to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), widely referred to as the Iranian nuclear deal, to comply with their obligations under the agreement to ensure regional and global stability, the joint declaration, signed at the SCO summit in China, read on Sunday.

The SCO member states attach importance to the sustainable implementation of the JCPOA, the declaration read.

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