Azerbaijan and UN plan to implement new projects worth $18M

  12 June 2018    Read: 1200
Azerbaijan and UN plan to implement new projects worth $18M

Under the UN-Azerbaijan framework agreement on partnership, it is planned to implement projects worth more than $18 million in 2018, Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Sevinj Hasanova said in Baku at a meeting of the Management Committee under the agreement.

The projects worth $16.5 million were implemented in 2017 under this document, she said.

Hasanova reminded that the total cost of projects under the signed agreement is $72 million.

"Within the framework of this platform, 47 projects have already been implemented. They cover three main areas - the first area is the diversification of the economy and ensuring decent work, the second area is improving institutional capacity, and improving the quality of services provided to citizens, and the third area is risk assessment in connection with environmental problems, and improving governance in this area," Hasanova said.

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