Azerbaijan preparing new partnership agreement with EU

  22 June 2018    Read: 876
Azerbaijan preparing new partnership agreement with EU

Azerbaijan is preparing a new partnership agreement on cooperation with the European Union until 2020, said Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, speaking at a meeting devoted to the role of the GEANT multi-gigabit network in the integration of Azerbaijani science and education in Europe.

Mammad-Guliyev noted that, the document will reflect the various areas of cooperation, including in the sphere of science and education.

"Work on the preparation of the document will be completed in the coming days. The document will be submitted to the EU in July," said Mammad-Guliyev.

The Deputy Minister said Azerbaijan and the EU have signed many documents that cover various areas, including education and science. However, except for the individual projects in which the country's universities participate, no intensive activities are observed in this area.

"Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Europe continues at a very positive level. Negotiations are underway to prepare a new strategic agreement with the EU. It consists of three parts: policy and security, trade and investment, and the third sector, which covers such areas as energy, economy, transport, science, etc.," Mammad-Guliyev said.

Mammad-Guliyev said the Azerbaijani side intends to draw attention to this strategic document through other partnership agreements, one of which is the document of partnership of the parties until 2020.

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