Terror with swords and hijab - CARTOONS

  11 July 2018    Read: 4333
Terror with swords and hijab - CARTOONS

Protesters chanting "Allahu Akbar" sent shock waves through the nation during the demonstration in Ganja, Azerbaijan. This also raised many questions such as whether those religious extremists aimed "to hold a protest" in that square with swords OR daggers. It doesn't seem real...

Those protesters yelling that they restore the "justice" are not new to the Middle East countries. Their experiences show that it is not possible to restore justice with the use of violent force. Contrary to their aim, this kind of protests leads to the chaos, violence and violation of rights...

Terror with hijab

These people hide behind Patriotism and religion, as well as protesters in Ganja. There is no link between the demonstration and religion and politics in Ganja. This is a terror. In fact, the people behind that terror try to act under cover of religion. It means, this is a terror with the hijab.

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