Twitter users report social media down worldwide

  18 August 2018    Read: 1405
Twitter users report social media down worldwide

According to the web service, users in different countries having troubles with posting and refreshing their tweets since 10:41 PM EDT.

The twitter users from Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Spain, Poland, the US and Japan are reportedly among those affected by the issue of posting tweets from numerous devices.

​The US social media giant has not issued any statement on the alleged technical problem yet. According to another online source "", some users having issue only with mobile apps, while others claiming that twitter's website is down. Meanwhile, some US-based social media users noticed that the whole service seemed to be malfunctioning since Friday evening.

In July, the US social media giant announced upcoming sweep of fake or inactive accounts, warning that most users would see four or fewer followers go. Twitter reportedly promised, however, that the change would not affect user metrics, which businesses and individuals use to measure the success rate of their social network polic or application's functioning.

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