President Aliyev: Every newborn should have workplace in the future

  29 August 2018    Read: 1856
President Aliyev: Every newborn should have workplace in the future

Every newborn child should have a workplace in the future, and this will be achieved by expanding agriculture, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said.

He made the remarks during the opening of a vine-growing and wine-making complex owned by "Shirvan wines" LLC in Meysari village, Shamakhi district.

“I am quite delighted that viticulture has gained momentum in Shamakhi district,” he said. “Beautiful vineyards have been established and people have been provided with work. So the policy our country is pursuing in the field of agriculture manifests itself in these new vineyards. This makes me very happy. Shamakhi district is a traditional wine growing region. There are great traditions of viticulture here. Back in the Soviet period, great leader Heydar Aliyev repeatedly visited Shamakhi district to give the necessary instructions and guidance related to viticulture. At that time, Azerbaijan collected two million tons of grapes.”

“Unfortunately, after that the vineyards were uprooted and we practically lost viticulture,” Ilham Aliyev noted. “We are restoring it now. This is not the first viticulture farm in Shamakhi district. While in Shamakhi last year, I got acquainted with the work carried out in large vineyards. The launch of the winery today and the establishment of vineyards are, of course, very significant events.”

“Viticulture in Azerbaijan has a bright future,” he said. “Shamakhi district should become a center of viticulture in Azerbaijan – just as it was in the ancient times. And we are now restoring the viticulture glory of Shamakhi.”

“A fine winery has been put into operation,” he noted. “The factory operates on French technologies. The most modern equipment has been installed here, and the wines produced here will enhance the export potential of Azerbaijan. We are now creating homes of Azerbaijani wines in various countries. The wines produced here will benefit our country.”

“Viticulture is a labor-intensive branch of agriculture,” he said. “According to the information i have, up to 200 people have been provided with work on 300 hectares of vineyards that have been set up here. They are the inhabitants of this village. I am told that the problem of unemployment in this village has been eliminated. Our main goal is to create jobs and to enable people to get a good salary, so that every citizen could build his life on honest work, support his family and address his needs.”

“Viticulture is a very profitable sector and, according to the information I have, the salaries of those working here are quite good,” the Azerbaijani president added. “As it expands further, more labor will be needed and a higher salary will be paid. Thus, Shamakhi will become one of the important viticulture centers not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the region.”

“I have signed numerous instructions related to the development of Shamakhi district as a whole,” he said. “I often come to Shamakhi district. I was here last year too. This is my seventh visit to Shamakhi as president. A large amount of work has been done towards social and economic development of Shamakhi district. Last year, we marked the opening of a drinking water project in the city of Shamakhi. This issue has been resolved.”

He noted that 95 percent of households have been supplied with gas.

“Those still without gas supply will soon be provided with gas,” he said. “Electricity problems are being addressed too. Rural roads are under construction. Another executive order will be signed in the next few days. When I was in Shamakhi last time, we marked the opening of a big rural road here.”

“A diagnostic center, a central hospital, an Olympic center, a center of culture, and more than 40 schools have been built and renovated in Shamakhi district,” he added. “On my initiative, the Juma Mosque of Shamakhi, which is a temple of great importance not only for Azerbaijan but also for the entire Muslim world, has also been thoroughly renovated. It is possible to say that it has been reconstructed. This mosque was built in 743 and is our national treasure. It is an asset of the entire Muslim world, and I have repeatedly said this at international events.”

“When I was here last time, we marked the opening of a mosque in the village of Damirchi after renovation,” he said. “A road from Shamakhi to Lahij, to the village of Damirchi is opening now. We opened this road last year, and now we will open the road from Damirchi to Lahij. So it is a travel destination. Now those traveling from Baku to Lahij will pass through Shamakhi more. Thus, they will come here, relax, look at these orchards, visit the factory. There are hotels in Shamakhi. Shamakhi is one of the most developed districts of Azerbaijan. And this is natural, because Shamakhi has a very long history. Shamakhi was present on ancient maps. It is the center of ancient culture and art. This is a very valuable part of Azerbaijan. I am glad that this work is paying off.”

“Just have a look, the Baku-Shamakhi road is now being expanded,” Ilham Aliyev noted. “At the first stage, we built a beautiful road because the old road was in poor condition. Then I issued the instruction to make it a four-lane road. Most of it has already been commissioned now. All this requires a lot of money. The state invests money. The opening of a school today is a major event in itself. A beautiful school has opened in Meysari village. Infrastructure projects, agriculture and agricultural estates.”

“A large grain farm has now been created on an area of 42,000 hectares, on the territory of Shamakhi and Hajigabul districts,” he said. “There are many people working there. At present, new areas are being put into circulation. Our policy manifests itself precisely in these matters. I congratulate you on the establishment of this wonderful farm and wish you success. Keep working well, so that your business goes well and our people live even better. I congratulate you and wish you continued success.”

The Azerbaijani president went on to add that new orchards will be set up, and the sowing area will be expanded.

“In other words, there will be a lot of work here,” he said. “The population of Azerbaijan is increasing, and every newborn child should have a workplace in the future. We will achieve this by expanding agriculture.”

“Of course, Shamakhi, as I said before and want to say again, has great tourist potential,” he noted. “Ancient monuments, as well as nature, air and such beautiful places in Shamakhi attract tourists. At the same time, this will be a travel destination. The house of wine, the store, the small recreation area will attract tourists, in particular foreign tourists. Therefore, they will come here, spend money and buy products from your villagers. And things will be even better.”

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