Drinking wine and eating chocolate linked to living longer

  18 September 2018    Read: 1566
Drinking wine and eating chocolate linked to living longer

Consuming food and drink with anti-inflammatory properties could lower a person’s risk of dying, according to a study.

Anti-inflammatory food and drink highlighted by researchers included vegetables, fruit, whole-grain bread, breakfast cereal, low-fat cheese, olive and canola oil, nuts, chocolate, tea and coffee. Moderate amounts of beer (at two to 14 servings per week) and red wine (between two and seven servings per week) also appeared to be beneficial. 

Processed and unprocessed meats, offal, chips and soft drinks were categorized as pro-inflammatory foods that were best avoided.

The immune system triggers inflammation when the body is confronted with a potential threat, like a harmful chemical or microbes. That process can become problematic when inflammation becomes the body’s default state. And evidence suggests that conditions from Alzheimer’s to depression, cancer and heart disease could be caused by chronic inflammation.



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