ANAMA successfully implements its tasks - Fuad Alasgarov

  20 September 2018    Read: 2885
ANAMA successfully implements its tasks - Fuad Alasgarov

"During 20 years of its activity, ANAMA has successfully implemented its tasks", Azerbaijani President`s Assistant for Work with Law Enforcement Bodies and Military Issues Fuad Alasgarov made remarks at the closing ceremony of the joint ANAMA-NATO/NSPA Partnership for Peace Trust Fund Project “Clearance of mines and unexploded ordinances in Jeyranchel”.

"We have recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of ANAMA which was established by the Order of the national leader of the people of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev on July 18, 1998. Its major task has been the clearance of mines and unexploded ordinances in the territories liberated from occupation and thus ensuring full safety of the civilian population in their native lands. During 20 years of its activity, ANAMA has successfully implemented its task, clearing, in general, more than 53 hectares of territory from mines and unexploded ordinances. As a result, some part of the displaced persons returned to their homelands", Fuad Alasgarov stated.

"Today ANAMA is the Agency with a very professional staff and modern logistics. The fact that the Agency is involved in the operations not only on the territory of Azerbaijan but also on the territories of other countries is an indication of high appreciation of its activity. ANAMA has been successfully cooperating with a number of international organizations, as well as the relevant agencies of various countries.

ANAMA’s cooperation with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency has to be underlined in particular. In the framework of Saloghlu project of the two agencies, 568 hectares of territory has been cleared of mines for 6 years starting from 2005.

Another successful joint project has been the Jeyranchel project. Huge number of mines, tank and artillery shells, aviation bombs and other unexploded ordinances were found in this territory, which used to be a military training site for the USSR troops stationed in the South Caucasus. This territory was one of the most dangerous places in Azerbaijan because of the existing mines and ordinances.

Starting from 2012, in general, 6600 hectares of territory were cleared and more than 18 thousand unexploded ordinances destroyed in three stages in the framework of Jeyranchel project. Alongside the Government of Azerbaijan, a number of other countries took part in the project as donors. Availing myself of the opportunity, on behalf of the Government of Azerbaijan I would like to convey my deep gratitude to all donor countries of the project, as well as to the NSPA for its assistance in collecting the necessary funds and in ensuring the coordination of the efforts of the donor countries", Fuad Alasgarov noted.

"Demining is a humanistic mission and the staff members, who fulfill this honorable mission often put their life and health in jeopardy", said Fuad Alasgarov.

"Demining activity has a great significance for Azerbaijan, which 20 percent of territory has been occupied by the Armenian armed forces and therefore, the leadership of the country pays special attention to the ANAMA and improvement of its logistics. We are convinced that ANAMA’s fruitful cooperation with the foreign partners, as well as with the relevant NATO agencies will be further continued successfully", Alasgarov added.

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