State Security Service discloses archives on Armenian terrorism

  20 September 2018    Read: 1734
State Security Service discloses archives on Armenian terrorism

The State Security Service of Azerbaijan has revealed archive documents proving the terrorist acts of the Armenian terrorist-dashnak forces, reports citing

The State Security Service has revealed some documents in its archives, reports.  

The SSS informs that upon signing of Gulustan and Turkmenchay treaties signed in 813 and 1828 accordingly, the division of the historical terriotries of Azerbaijan did not end, but the process of the forced demolition of our territories continued through patronage, incitement and direct participation of the enemy forces. Purposeful relocation of Armenians living in many neighboring countries to the Azerbaijani lands started and the so-called administrative territorial division called "Armenian province" was established in the historical lands of Azerbaijanis. The dream of "great Armenia" started to be promoted and various Armenian organizations whose activities were based on horror and terror emerged. Thus, the Armenian-Dashnak forces laid a foundation for a more sly and purposeful policy towards the destruction of the Azerbaijani people and occupation of its territories. 

The ideology of terrorism and fascism became an integral part of the state policy in modern Armenia. This ideology is the main line of the baseless territorial claims against the neighboring countries, the ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijanis, Turks and other nations. The Armenian terrorist-dashnak forces always resorted to most dirty methods to reach their insidious goals. While investigating the evidence on the atrocities committed by the Armenians within the fascist armed formations during the World War II, those atrocities cause to horror. Regardless of the political power in Armenia today, chauvinism, extremism, military aggression and intolerance are always promoted there in the most extreme form. 

While investigating the documents kept in archives of the State Security Service, many facts of the brutal actions of the Armenian terrorist-dashnak forces, including the Dashnaksutyun Party, which promoted the ideology of terrorism, as well as those of Armenian nationality who distinguished with special cruelty in crimes committed against humanity during the World War II were revealed. 

Taking into account the scientific and historical importance of these documentary materials in the archives in terms of protecting the progressive world from terrorism and fascism, informing the international community about the outcomes of the aggressive policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan and the necessity of referring to initial documentary sources to disclose this policy, the State Security Service considered it appropriate to diclose the confidentiality of some of those materials. Those materials have been published on the official website of the State Security Service. 

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