"Useful idiots" obeying pro-Armenian Petras Austrevicius

  18 October 2018    Read: 1094
"Useful idiots" obeying pro-Armenian Petras Austrevicius

A preliminary debate on the draft annual report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2017 was held during the recent meeting of the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament (EP).


The author of the report is Petras Austrevicius (MEP, Lithuania), who stands out for his biased attitude towards Azerbaijan.

Petras Austrevicius appointed the former Lithuanian ambassador to Hungary, Renatas Juska, as his assistant. Juska is remembered with recordings of his three scandalous phone conversations (4 parts of the records in total) that were published on YouTube on July 8, 2013. He was talking to another Lithuanian ambassador about the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict. In his conversations, Juska expressed his support for the resolution of the conflict in favor of Armenia and noted that Armenians should be rendered support in a perspective of Christian solidarity.

The Open Society European Policy Institute has released the list of MEPs who can defend the interests of the SOROS Foundation in the European Parliament. The report was prepared by the Kumquat Consulting Agency at the request of the Open Society European Policy Institute. The list includes Petras Austrevisius and other MEPs – Eleni Theocharous, Frank Engel, Andrey Kovatcev, Charles Tannock, Johannes Cornelis van Baalen, Ana Gomes, Maritje Shaake – who is backed by the Soros Foundation, known for their anti-Azerbaijani position and who made illegal visit to the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Petras Austrevisius, as the author of the report, made a speech at the debate. He purposefully tries to manipulate the document against Azerbaijan. He states, the document may cease tradition of refusing to refer directly to a specific country. Hereafter, the issue of naming any country or region will be discussed with the shadow rapporteurs of the document.

As for shadow rapporteurs on Azerbaijan, “useful idiots” such as Arif Mammadov and Emin Huseynov are meant. The phrase “useful idiots” is said to have been formed by Vladimir Lenin.

It would be a bit more difficult to call them [Arif Mammadov and Emin Huseynov] “useful idiots”, because these people with their Bolshevik mentality deliberately and purposefully collaborate with circles that are hostile to their country and people, and fulfill their commands. Their behavior is similar to that of the Bolsheviks who easily collaborated with the Germans and were not concerned over the death of Russian soldiers on the battlefield. Arif Mammadov and Emin Huseynov, like the Bolsheviks, were really feeling depressed when the people of Azerbaijan celebrated the victory in the April battles of 2016.

Given the aforesaid factors, it becomes clear why Arif Mammadov and Emin Huseynov demonstrated “special enthusiasm” during the abovementioned debates. These marginalized people, who morally, politically and financially failed, stand ready to cooperate with Soros and his puppet Petras in order to achieve their insidious goals.

The cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Union is developing dynamically. The Partnership Priorities document signed between Azerbaijan and the EU in July 2018, the EU’s unequivocal support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and the progress achieved in the implementation of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project seem to have begun to disturb some forces. In this case, politicians, known for their anti-European policy in the European Parliament, and their “puppets” immediately start their work. 

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