Nature reserves should down dependence on Azerbaijan's state budget

  18 October 2018    Read: 2156
Nature reserves should down dependence on Azerbaijan

The State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan plans to apply a new management model for nature reserves, the head of the strategy and tourism policy department of the Agency, Mahammad Muradov said at the National Tourism Summit on Oct. 18.

Recalling that seven reserves are subordinate to the Agency, Muradov stressed that they must finance themselves and reduce dependence on the state budget.

"They should also organize tourism services and be more attentive to social issues within their territories," he added.

"To provide quality travel services, the Agency will provide the necessary support to those who are active in the tourism industry," Muradov said, adding that hotels and restaurants should be responsible for the services provided.

He noted that the Agency is working on a mechanism to encourage the construction of hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities throughout the country, and relevant proposals will be submitted to the government in the near future.

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