Bolton to offer Baku new ideas on Karabakh problem - Russian expert

  23 October 2018    Read: 1427
Bolton to offer Baku new ideas on Karabakh problem - Russian expert

The geostrategic interests of the U.S. can change the situation in the South Caucasus, Associate Professor of the Department of Regional Studies and Foreign Policy of Russian State University for the Humanities, political analyst Sergey Markedonov said while commenting on the anticipated visit of US National Security Advisor John Bolton to South Caucasus countries, reports. 

According to the political analyst, the U.S. has been seeking to deploy its own warships in the Black Sea, taking advantage of the cooperation between Georgia and NATO. Thus, Washington intends to create U.S. military bases in Eastern Anatolia. 

Markedonov said that such a development of events can effectively change the situation in the South Caucasus: "Thus, many American experts believe that Washington's loss of interest in the region has automatically caused the U.S. lose its influence in the South Caucasus. However, new  geostrategic interests of Washington can bring new approaches to the region, including the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict."

"By implementing its global energy projects, Baku has always cooperated with Washington as a guarantor of Europe's energy security. Bolton willl lilely offer Azerbaijan some new ideas on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Because, the U.S. is well aware that it will not be possible to separate Yerevan from the Collective Security Treaty Organization immediately and quickly," said the Russian expert.

Note that, John Bolton will visit Azerbaijan and then to Armenia and Georgia after Russia.

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