Ambassador: Denmark welcomes collaboration with Azerbaijan in ports industry

  28 October 2018    Read: 1416
Ambassador: Denmark welcomes collaboration with Azerbaijan in ports industry

Denmark welcomes collaboration with Azerbaijan in ports industry, Danish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Svend Olling told in his interview to Trend.

He pointed out that the ports industry in Denmark is well renowned and known for its high level of innovative solutions.

"Danish engineering companies can provide a wide array of competences in coastal engineering, port planning and design and their consultancy is of high quality. This has most recently resulted in the Ramboll Group signing of a billion dollar contract in Algeria," said the envoy.

The diplomat said that the task is to extend the biggest harbour in the country with the expertise from Danish engineers.

"This is of course something we want to promote worldwide to countries that have an interest in development of ports and ports industry. Of course, we welcome it, should there be an interest from Azerbaijan in this sphere," he added.

Further, Olling noted that Denmark is happy about the possibilities provided by the establishment of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway in terms of its ability to connect countries and increase the trade and investments across borders.

As for the possibility of Denmark’s participation in BTK, the diplomat said it is still too early to say how Denmark can take part in the project, as it is still in its early phase no Danish stakeholders have expressed interest so far.

"However, maybe we will see interesting developments in the future," he added.

The cargo transshipment potential of the new Baku International Sea Trade Port, which opened on May 14, 2018, is 15 million tons in the first phase, including 100,000 containers per year.

Seven berths of 12 existing ones serve dry cargo vessels, two berths serve ferries, and other two berths serve vessels of Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax type. Another berth is used for the maintenance of the fleet of the port.

The official opening ceremony of the BTK railway was held in Baku Oct. 30 last year. The BTK railway was constructed on the basis a Georgian-Azerbaijani-Turkish intergovernmental agreement.

The railway’s peak capacity will be 17 million tons of cargo per year. At an initial stage, this figure will be one million passengers and 6.5 million tons of cargo.

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