Azerbaijan, Russia's Dagestan to have regular rail service

  01 November 2018    Read: 1488
Azerbaijan, Russia

A regular railway service will connect Dagestan and Azerbaijan, the Head of the Republic of Dagestan (a federal subject of the Russian Federation), Vladimir Vasilyev said Oct. 31 during a briefing in a live television broadcast on central TV channel of Dagestan, TASS reported.

“We have huge transport potential that haven’t been utilized yet. We will now arrange a regular railway service to Baku. It’s very convenient, comfortable,” Vasilyev said.

“I see no obstacles for this to function for the convenience of the people. And it will develop our economy,” the head of the region added.

At the beginning of April 2018, the issue of a new railway service along the Makhachkala - Baku route was considered by the authorities of Dagestan and Russian Railways OJSC following the results of the trip to Derbent through the North Caucasus Railway.

At present, the Moscow-Baku, Rostov-Baku and Kharkov-Baku trains run through Makhachkala.

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