Share of private sector in Azerbaijani ICT market reaches 87%

  29 November 2018    Read: 1129
Share of private sector in Azerbaijani ICT market reaches 87%

The share of private sector in the Azerbaijani telecommunications market reached 87 percent, Gulru Huseynova, head of the finance, accounting and economic analysis department of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, said.

Huseynova made the remarks at the two-day workshop entitled "Tariffs used in the field of telecommunications" in Baku on Nov. 29 held with the assistance of the TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange).

“Such a significant result was achieved thanks to the implementation of successful liberalization policy in the market,” she added.

"The abolition of licensing of internet provider activity in the country contributed to an increase in the number of internet service providers, which had a positive impact on the quality of services rendered to end users,” Huseynova said.

“Today, the internet penetration rate in Azerbaijan is 80 percent, while 72 percent of the population use broadband internet in the country,” she said. “In turn, this allows expanding the availability of e-services among the population.”

“Presently, large-scale projects are being implemented in the country’s districts to expand the coverage of broadband services,” Huseynova said. “Such technologies as NGN, LTE, GPON have been introduced in the country’s telephone network, depending on the terrain."

“The country’s stationary telephone network has been fully digitized and about half of the infrastructure is based on NGN technology, which allows telecommunications operators to render other types of multimedia services to the population along with voice communication services,” she said.

"Besides the GPON broadband internet technology, wireless broadband internet services upon LTE technology are promoted in Baku,” Huseynova said. “There is free Wi-Fi in many parks in Baku. In general, mobile communication is actively developing throughout the country, covering the entire population."

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