Prison guard sacked for posing as police officer to get discounted McDonald's

  23 January 2019    Read: 1314
 Prison guard sacked for posing as police officer to get discounted  McDonald

A prison guard in Australia has reportedly been sacked after posing as a police officer to get a discount on a McDonald's meal.

Lawrence O’Driscoll-Faitaua, 43, pleaded guilty in Waverley Local Court on Tuesday to impersonating a police officer when asking for a discount worth AUD$10.53 (£5.80), reports.

The report said O’Driscoll-Faitaua, who worked as a casual prison guard at the Sydney Police Centre in Surrey Hills, showed his ID reading “NSW Police – External Contractor” to drive-through staff at a McDonald's outlet in Kingsford on 29 December.

When asked about the ID, he said it was his off-duty badge. He ordered a Big Mac and 24 chicken nuggets and was given a half-price discount.

He was arrested when he turned up for work on New Year’s Eve.

The prison guard was convicted of impersonating a police officer but granted a section 10 non-conviction in court, meaning he will not receive a criminal record for the offence.

Magistrate Jacqueline Trad reportedly called him “foolish” for risking his job for the discount.

A Corrective Services spokesman confirmed to that O’Driscoll-Faitaua had been fired.

“The employee’s temporary contract was terminated earlier this month,” the spokesman told the website. “The employee was also advised that he will not be offered any shifts as a casual correctional officer pending misconduct action, which – in line with Public Service legislation – will commence following today’s court outcome.”

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